BirchHaven Apartments offers everything you're looking for in an independent living senior community.

BirchHaven Village tenants sign a 30 day monthly lease once they have decided to move in. Our lease begins on the 1st day of the month and runs to the end of the month and automatically rolls over each month unless a tenant gives notice before or on the 1st of the month prior that they are going to be moving out.

Leave of Absence is anything over 7 days. The tenant is credited $2/day on their monthly bill.  However, if the tenant is gone for the entire month (from the 1st of the month until the last day of the month), they receive a $260 credit on their monthly bill. All of their personal belongings remain in their apartment and the apartment is still there for them when they return. Some examples of longer Leave of Absences from the apartment include going to the lake for the summer and returning for the winter or going down south for the winter and returning for the summer.

Apartment Details and Rates

One Bedroom 540 sq ft $1,725.00
Large One Bedroom 630 sq ft $1,875.00
Large Corner One Bedroom 630 sq ft $1,930.00
Deluxe One Bedroom 660 sq ft $1,991.00
Luxury One Bedroom 730 sq ft $2,142.00 Take The Tour
Luxury One Bedroom w/Porch 700 ft sq $2,142.00
Two Bedroom 818 sq ft $2,358.00 Take The Tour
Large Two Bedroom 939 sq ft $2,575.00
Large Two Bedroom w/Porch 939 sq ft $2,676.00 Take The Tour

Garage:  $70.00 per month or $700.00 if paid annually
Guest Room:  $50.00 per night
Air Conditioner:  $150.00 per season
Additional service package for second tenant:  $385.00 per month

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Luxury One Bedroom | 730 sq. ft.

Large 2 Bedroom with Porch | 939 sq. ft.

Two Bedroom | 818 sq. ft.