Havenwood Services

Residents, staff and family work together to develop an individual plan of care to assure that the needs of each resident are met.

Havenwood Care Center (HCC) offers the following services to its residents.  They are included in the daily room rate unless otherwise specified.

Activities: Social, recreational, spiritual, educational, creative and re-motivational activities are offered under supervision of the Activities Director.  Accommodations are made for various physical and cognitive levels.  Family members are invited to attend programs with their residents.

Business Office: Is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The office is closed weekends and holidays.

Dietary:  HCC prepares and serves three meals a day, with coffee, juice, fruit and snacks available periodically throughout the day and evening.  In addition to the regular menu, HCC offers selected special diets as ordered by the attending physician.
All menus are planned by the Food Service Supervisor with approval by a Registered Dietician.  Residents are encouraged to dine in one of three dining areas.  If medically necessary, tray service is available.

Nursing Service: We maintain Registered Nurses and/or Licensed Practical Nurses on a 24-hour basis, with Certified Nursing Assistants as supporting personnel.  We employ a full time Director of Nursing who is a Registered Nurse.
All staff receive a complete orientation and are involved in continuing education to enhance personal and professional skills.  Nursing care is always provided in accordance with the highest standards.
HCC employs both male and female caregivers.  A resident may express a preference for a specific gender.  However, given staff availability, the request may not always be honored.  If this policy affects your decision to enter or remain at Havenwood, please contact the Social Worker.

Rehabilitation Services: Nursing staff with specialized training assist residents with exercises, range of motion, and walking to maintain or increase a resident’s mobility.

Resident Care Planning: Shortly after a resident is admitted and every three months thereafter, nursing home staff review residents’ needs and discuss the best means of providing care.  Residents and families are welcome and encouraged to join these sessions and provide their insight.  If you wish to become a part of this planning, please contact our Social Worker

Physician’s Services: The resident or responsible party retains the right to select a physician who practices in the Bemidji area.  Federal regulations require that a physician examine residents at least once every 30 days for the first 90 days, after which an alternative visiting schedule can be arranged if the physician determines it medically advisable.  An emergency physician is available at all times through the on-call system at Sanford Bemidji Medical Center and the rotation practice used by independent doctors.  Physician will bill directly for their services.

Pharmaceutical Services: Medications are not included in the daily room charge.  They are acquired from a designated local pharmacy who in turn will bill the resident or appropriate third party payer.   HCC incorporates a modified unit dose system of drug dispensing.  Medications are dispensed only by licensed nursing staff.  HCC contracts with a consultant pharmacist who monthly reviews the resident’s drug regime to assure appropriate use of medications.

Private Rooms: HCC has rooms designed for single occupancy.  These rooms are normally for in-house transfers and utilized for three purposes.  In order of priority, they are:
1.  Medical or behavioral necessity (Extra charge may be billed).
2.  As temporary living arrangements until a suitable semi-private is available (No extra charge).
3.  For permanent placement (Extra charge may be billed).
The final decision on utilization of single occupancy rooms rests with the Administrator.

Wandering Management: HCC utilizes a restraint-free electronic monitoring system to enhance security of wandering residents.  Application of a signaling device is a team decision based on resident need.

Financial Planning: Should the resident’s private resources approach an amount which would make them eligible for Medical Assistance, the Social Worker or the County Social Services Department should be notified for help in applying for financial assistance.

Resource Material: There are many questions about aging, disease process, finances, etc. which may be new to residents and families.  The Social Worker has compiled a number of informational booklets and articles which may assist in addressing some concerns.  Please feel free to ask about this material.

Therapy: Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy are available under the direction of a qualified professional.  Treatments are ordered by your attending physician and reviewed periodically to assure appropriateness.

Transportation: Local companies specialize in transportation needs of the elderly.  There is a separate charge for this service.  HCC will assist in arranging for medical appointments.  Family members have the option of providing transportation and should discuss with the unit coordinator.

Laundry:  Wash and tumble dry personal laundry is offered by HCC.  Items requiring extra handling are the responsibility of the resident and/or family.  Please contact the Laundry Supervisor if there are any questions regarding special clothing such as sweaters and dry cleaning.  Alterations, clothing repair or other needs should be handled by the family.

Social Services: Our Social Worker is available to assist in admissions and discharge planning, counseling and referrals, resident care planning, advocacy and crisis intervention.

Trust Fund: A trust account can be maintained in the Business Office for those residents wishing to have spending money at Havenwood.  Funds may be deposited and withdrawn by the resident as needed.  It is convenient to have a small amount be deposited for each resident so that it is available to them for occasions such as the shopper’s cart.  Residents who desire, may use the services of commercial banks.
Upon death of a resident, within 30 days HCC will convey the funds, and a final accounting, to the individual or probated jurisdiction administering the resident’s estate.  On discharge, remaining personal funds will be sent to the resident or responsible party as requested, but within 30 days.

Room Rates:  HCC has fifty daily room rates.  The resident or responsible party is billed for the per diem rate at the beginning of the month.  All rates include semi-private room, meals and snacks, nursing service, social service, activities and laundry (except for dry cleaning).  Other items are billed the month following the date of service

Bed-Hold During Absence From The Nursing Home: It is the responsibility of a resident receiving Medicare benefits, a private pay resident, or responsible party acting on their behalf, to pay the per diem rate during their absence from the facility in accordance with the current Minnesota Department of Human Services policy on reserve bed days.  If the bed is to be held beyond 18 days, a charge equal to one-half of the full perdiem rate will be assessed.  Until such time as the facility is notified that the room is no longer required, it will be reserved for the resident and billed accordingly.  The facility will issue a notice of transfer or discharge, which outlines the bed-hold policy, when a transfer or discharge is to take place.

Other Services: The following services are available through outside providers on a fee for service basis to be billed separately by the agency.
~ Eye Care
~ Dental Care
~ Lab and X-Ray
~ Mental Health Services
~ Audiology Services
~ Hospice
~ Oxygen